Dust Collectors

Central Mechanical Systems has specialized in industrial dust collectors over the past 20+ years. With our experience and with the use of specialized software, our dust collector’s efficiency and effectiveness has proven to be outstanding. Our main focus has been woodworking dust collection in the wood refining, board/door mill, sawing and millwork industries.

We also provide dust collectors for the frac sand, glass manufacturing and metal working customers. With the frac and glass (and most green/dirty/barky wood systems), the wear on the pipe, fittings and even the dust collector itself is usually very high, driving us to use abrasion resistant plate and prefabricated alloys. Typically, after the dust collector, the product that is collected in the hopper is either a waste or part of a process. Either way, the material will need to be conveyed away by methods of mechanical conveying or pneumatic conveying.

Dust Collectors Gallery

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