Dust Collectors, Conveying and Millwright Services in Indiana

Central Mechanical Systems, Inc provides all of our services including the design, fabrication, and installation of dust collectors, conveying and millwright services to the state of Indiana.

Dust Collectors/Dust Collection in Indiana

For the past 20+ years, CMS has specialized in industrial dust collectors in Indiana and the Midwest. Controlling dust is a major challenge for many companies which is why our main focus has been woodworking dust collection in the wood refining, board/door mill, sawing and millwork industries.

Looking for a dust collector for frac sand, glass manufacturing and metal working? We can do that too! With frac and glass, the wear and tear on the dust collector, pipe and fittings is typically very high which is why we use abrasion resistant plate and prefabricated alloys. Learn more about dust collectors and see our gallery of photos!

Millwright Services in Indiana

Labor is an area where Central Mechanical Systems really shines with our Journeyman Millwright employees. Employees are well trained and diverse in millwright services. We offer some of the best millwright services in Indiana. So, what makes our millwright services stand out from the rest?

  • Employees & Labor – Our Journeyman Millwright employees are not only well trained and diverse in their field to get the job done right, but they take the safety of themselves and others as a top priority.
  • Service Area – We serve all areas within Indiana, as well as the whole Midwest.

If your Indiana plant shuts down periodically to perform preventive maintenance on production equipment, dust collectors or conveying systems, consider our Maintenance Contracts! If your plant is shut down due to fire or mechanical breakdown, we can get you back up and running again. Learn more about our millwright services and see our gallery of photos!

To learn more about what Central Mechanical Systems can do for your Indiana business in need of any of our services including Dust Collectors and Professional Millwright Services, call (715) 387-4568 or fill out the form on our contact page!

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